Place Making

Place Making

The feeling of Place has a strong impact on each of us. Think about where you are right now. How do you feel about this space? Do you like it? Are there things that you don’t like about it? Talking about Place makes us think about what ties us to a space. It causes us to think about how we react to our surroundings, whether consciously or subconsciously. What makes us want to sit and stay, what causes us to hurry through? Our indoor, outdoor, private, and public areas are all affected by our feelings about Place.

As a landscape designer, I want to help people create a Place that they can connect to and is meaningful to them. Sometimes this will be about integrating the outdoor spaces with the indoor spaces – like making the view from the windows nicer, creating new outdoor seating and rerouting paths to make easier transitions or improve unused areas of your yard. Sometimes it will be about planting the right plants in a problem area, earth formations like swales and rain gardens to move water and increase its infiltration, plant selections to decrease water use, or maybe it will be about food production or supporting wildlife.

Picture frame in nature

My specialty is to help you create positive Place.

A free consultation consists of a visit to your site and interview, so I can explore your landscaping needs and style. I will work hard to integrate both of these into your landscape design and planting plan. If you are in the Central Massachusetts area, call now to schedule your appointment. Winter is a great time to get your landscape plans in place.