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I live in Worcester and have clients throughout New England. I have a Masters degree in Ecological Landscape Design from The Conway School and learned a lot about native plants in the four years I worked as a horticulturist at Garden in the Woods. I use native plants in a lot of my designs and am comfortable designing both native and non-native plants. I like to use a very diverse plant palette, emphasizing diversity and resilience within the landscape. I also use organic principles like using compost and leaf mulch, and relying on good plant choice and placement to reduce plant stresses that can lead to disease and pest attacks.

I offer fine landscape design services while striving to create healthy and sustainable landscapes that work to meet peoples’ needs and support ecological health.

  • Personalized landscape design and installation
  • Organic soil improvement
  • Pruning and tree care
  • Rain garden and bioswale design
  • Planting perennials, shrubs, trees
  • Food production
  • Water retention and storage
  • Ecological restoration
  • Erosion control
  • Spring cleanups
  • Monthly fine gardening maintenance plans
  • Horticultural mentoring – I’ll work side-by-side with you in the garden, teaching and guiding you through maintenance tasks, planting, and plant care.
  • Private and group classes: pruning, composting, soil health, edible gardening, water management, and importance of proper plant choices

I do not offer lawn mowing services. I can suggest organic lawn care companies or a more sustainable management plan for your lawn that includes organic materials and mulching of grass clippings and leaves, which will provide valuable nutrients and moisture for your lawn and gardens. If you are interested, I can also suggest ecological alternatives for portions, or all of your lawn, to decrease your use of chemical pollutants, water, and petroleum.

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